Everyone is equal in the eyes of God, but!


by Fatima Hasan Zaidi

What is equality? The answer is “justice for everybody”. But most of the people who talk about equality just know it as a phrase and never thought to ponder upon it practically.

‘Every one is equal in the eyes of God’ though he is rich or poor, black or white, an armed forces person or a civilian. But ‘none is equal in the eyes of law’. Law is not providing justice to everybody. Our country’s “law” says that everything will be done according to the principles of ‘democracy. But it is not true. Because no one can see democracy around him. Is our law afraid of asking people their views and not to work upon them?

The point is that our government mostly knows the views of public and it is visible that many of the media channels are often found on roads consulting people about their views but the problem is “inequality” and no one listens. There are some every common points of inequality I noticed and I am sure everybody views the difference between a person who belongs to elite class and lower class.

Why is that so? No one can answer that I came up with these points when “I” on the basis of a civilian was not given admission in C.B College as the merit for civilians was very high. But at the same time the merit for a child of armed forces person was 399. Can you call it equality? Or is it justice? Or discrimination? Just give it a thought. I know if army would not be there, there would be no one who could sleep at night because of insecurity. I respect the soldiers standing on roadsides and on borders but the “wrong remains’ and injustice cannot be justified.

Our traffic police teaches everybody about traffic rules but when those rules are applied on them then breaking it is just a piece of cake for some of them. Because no one is there to impose heavy fine on them. Why is it so?

Weren’t those policemen in Sialkot terrorists who let two young boys killed without any investigation. There are so many things like this. No one is there to answer or to change the system.

People say Pakistan is following these principles: “Unity, Faith and Discipline.” All above I stated is not unity, everybody is unequal in the eyes of law. This is the reason law is not given respect and when there is no respect people do not have faith in law. That is just the reason there is no discipline in our country. And you can clearly say “Everyone is equal in the eyes of God but not in the eyes of Law.”

Fatima Hasan Zaidi is a 17 year old student from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


  1. Sadia Maqbool says:

    an eye opening thought from our youth,,,good work Fatima

  2. Hamza says:

    Its a pretty good article by a 17 year old. Really good skills. Keep up the hard work and make Pakistan proud. Also such a good topic to write on.

  3. bushra says:

    Fatima’s insight of our system makes me proud that finally our youth is on the right path and people like her are going to bring the changes our system is in dire need of. Your effort is commendable Fatima keep it up:)

  4. fatima hasan zaidi says:

    thanks to all. of you who appreciated my thoughts. there are so many thing else like the one i stated above… but no. one cares to shoe steps regarding them.. and we can’t just blame our government for that.. because they are not only to be blamed but a certain group of people who rule over certain organization..

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